Práce se zvukem tibetských mís a hlasem

Workshops and concerts...


There is an opportunity to organise an event according to your specific needs lasting between 90 to 120 mins.


Just to give you an idea below is a couple of options of how such an event may look like.


First option would have me introduce you to the principles of sound, it's power and influence on our health and little about sound therapy, after which I would demonstrate how such a therapy or sound massage looks like and feels like first hand.

Second option is more active. After short introduction follows a workshop during which participants will have the opportunity to learn to play a Tibetan "singing" bowl. The event is closed by a meditation concert of Tibetan "singing" bowls which is very relaxing and balancing.

Next is a two part scenario. In first part I focus solely on healing power of sound and the advantages of meditation. Second part then is composed purely of sound meditation during which participants have the opportunity to try out the information shared in first half of the event.


These versions are only indicative and can be combined or completely changed into a unique program tailored to your needs.

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