Práce se zvukem tibetských mís a hlasem

Therapies using the power of sound.



Relaxation therapy using Tibetan singing bowls – Helpful for those who are for some reason feeling stressed out, agitated, tense or under pressure. This therapy will help you to re-establish the nowadays so valuable inner peace and contentment.

Stimulating therapy using Tibetan singing bowls – Is on the other hand good for those feeling down, tired and drained of energy and in need of “recharging the batteries”. This kind of therapy is very uplifting and rejuvenating.

Clearing of the auric body using Tibetan singing bowls – Every illness before it manifests on the physical plane already exists in a very delicate form of lighter energies in our auric body. There, if not being dealt with, is slowly gaining energy and if the disharmonious pattern of thinking or behaviour causing it (feeding it) is ignored long enough the disease will take on a physical form (symptom). This therapy will help you to clear your auric body and thus prevent the actual illness coming into manifestation as disease.

Harmonizing the chakra system using Tibetan singing bowls – The name of this kind of therapy speaks for itself. In short, it will help you to revitalize your body and establish inner balance while addressing specific blockages in your system.

Sound massage using Tibetan singing bowls – During this therapy are Tibetan singing bowls placed directly on your body (while you stay fully clothed) letting the intense healing overtones permeate your body and massage your inner organs and cells. Due to the vibrational characteristic of sound of the singing bowls there is also a detoxifying effect when the organs, being gently massaged by the sound, release the otherwise stuck toxins. This technique also has a very beneficial effect on the blood and other vital bodily liquids.

Toning – Technique working with the most healing tool of all, human voice. Using this approach will help you dissolve old emotional blockages caused by childhood traumas, unresolved relationships or modern life stresses. This highly effective technique will not only melt the old “stuff” but show you how to deal with the new and how to release anger, tension or sadness in a controlled manner and thus cleansed achieve your full potential. 


All these practices are a very pleasant experience and its regenerative and life supporting influence is noticeable after the first session. Average session takes about 90 minutes and costs 700 CZK.

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