Práce se zvukem tibetských mís a hlasem

Regular meditative sound sessions...


     During regular concerts, or would they rather be called relaxing sound meditation sessions, we’re engaging in deep meditation and exploration of the impact of sound on human health and wellbeing. When our mind is totally calm, like in moments of deep meditation and really deep dreamless sleep, our brains work in the so called theta level. In this state prana (or life force) is released which manifests as the regeneration of the body at the cellular level and the direct experience of the deeper nature of ourselves also called as awakening.

     This happens mostly only when our mind is calm enough, stopping the never ending analytical chatter thus giving us a break from its’ demands. The sound of Tibetan “singing” bowls can help us induce such deep states of meditative relaxation and we invite you to experience the beneficial influence of their sound during these sessions first hand. Modest goal of these evenings is the difficult to describe peace of Unity Consciousness which will help us prevent the everyday mental discomforts or the so called illnesses. 

     Evenings are lead and bowls sounded by František Horváth.


Fotografie použita dle Creative Commons A Guy Taking Pictures  © 2011 Všechna práva vyhrazena.

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