Práce se zvukem tibetských mís a hlasem

Tibetan "singing" bowls sound meditation track to download.



     The fifth, or the tones of C and G played together, is widely used in sound healing practice and is considered to be health establishing, harmonizing and relaxing. In order to create this meditation track I used two Tibetan singing bowls of such tones while spicing the track up with other sounds and Tibetan monk’s prayers. To enjoy the effects of the sound composition fully I recommend to use head phones or to listen to it on a decent speaker system because laptop speakers just aren’t good enough. 

     Find a peaceful place where you can just sit back and relax undisturbed for ten minutes, close your eyes and enjoy.


     František Horváth



     You can download the track here:

Fotografie použita dle Creative Commons A Guy Taking Pictures  © 2011 Všechna práva vyhrazena.

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