Práce se zvukem tibetských mís a hlasem



and please feel free to roam around these web pages and know about the sound of tibetan bowls and its uses. As you can see English version is a little under construction but is blossoming by the day. Thank you for your patience.


May you be of sound health and have a great day.


Sincerely Yours


František Horváth




"Sound will be the medicine of the future." Edgar Cayce





     František Horváth has been working with the sound of Tibetan „singing“ bowls and healing power of human voice for several years. He believes that most physical diseases and mental discomforts have their basis in parts of human being being out of tune and that we can re-tune these parts with the energy of sound to feel healthy and balanced again. During his journey of discovery of large areas of sound therapy he had the oportunity to learn from one of the Dalai Lamas‘ doctors’ healers Lobsang Dhondup Lama directly at the place of the seat of the Tibetan government in exile in McLeod Ganj, India, or from Simon Heather, founder of the UK College of Sound Healing. He is currently holding meditative Tibetan bowls concerts and workshops focused on the use of sound in healing both in Czech an Slovak republics. He spends his free time making meditative sound compositions.




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